Linemarkings & Coatings

Smarterlite’s photoluminescent linemarking and pavement markings increase visibility on dark high-risk roads and paths by harnessing photoluminescent technology.

We offer a sustainable, cost-effective solution to illuminate dark roads, pathways and workplaces nationwide.

Smarterlite provides pavement marking and line marking solutions for roadways, parking lots and paths where electric lighting is poor or time-consuming, expensive and difficult to provide. Using our world-leading photoluminescent technology, providing high visibility and durability, clear and long-lasting road markings reduces the risk of injury and harm on paths, roads and in workplaces.


  • 01. Intersections - Daytime

    Intersections - Daytime

  • 02. Curves - Daytime

    Curves - Daytime

  • 03. Curves - Nightime

    Curves - Nightime

Safer Road & Paths

Assisting drivers, riders and pedestrians in low-light & darkness.

Fast to Implement

Faster to provide than designing & constructing overhead lighting.

Australian Manufactured

Australian innovation, manufactured in Australia.

Extruded & Pre-Form Options

Available in extruded and pre-form options, with pre-form exported internationally.

An Environmental Movement

Lower carbon emissions and energy consumption, reduced landfill and eWaste and carbon credit opportunities.

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