Environmental Exit Signs

Smarterlite’s Environmental Exit Signs lead with innovative solutions, balancing safety, cost-efficiency, and sustainability.

Our Environmental Exit Signs, powered by pure photoluminescent or hybrid photoluminescent and LED technology, offer an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution, bolstering safety while reducing emissions and reducing your costs. Eliminate disposable battery-powered exit signs to reduce your eWaste and improve reliability.

Driven by industry-leading technology, our signs promise substantial lifetime savings, lower operational costs, and sustainable practices that prioritise both your business’s efficiency and personnel safety. Learn how they can contribute to emission reduction and potential carbon credit acquisition for your business.

• Hyperion Hybrid Exit Sign: The Hyperion Hybrid Exit Sign is a cutting-edge exit signage solution that combines reliability with modern energy efficiency. It features long-life high-efficiency LEDs to ensure the photoluminescence is always fully charged, even if it’s in a poorly lit space. There’s no disposable electric batteries to fail or create unnecessary eWaste.  


• Eos Enviro Exit Sign: The Eos Enviro Exit Sign is an environmentally friendly exit sign designed with sustainability in mind.  It has no electrical components or disposable batteries and doesn’t generate any emissions when operating, or eWaste at its end-of-life after 30+ years. This sign is perfect for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint while still ensuring safety.


• Apollo Exit Sign: The Apollo Exit Sign is a versatile and cost-effective exit signage option. It provides clear and visible exit guidance, has no electrical components or batteries, doesn’t generate any emissions while operating, or eWaste at its end-of-life after 30+ years. The Apollo Exit Sign is a reliable choice in commercial and industrial applications where a hardwearing sign is required.

  • 01. Hyperion Hybrid Exit Sign

    Hyperion Hybrid Exit Sign

  • 02. Jumbo Exit Sign

    Jumbo Exit Sign

  • 03. Apollo Exit Sign

    Apollo Exit Sign

  • Ikon Park

    04. Hyperion Exit Sign

    Hyperion Exit Sign

Significant Lifetime Savings

When your old-tech mandatory exit signs need replacing, our tech provides lifetime CAPEX and OPEX savings with our 16+ or 30+ year service life.

Cheaper Compliance

Your lifetime compliance, operating & maintenance costs will be less.

Better for the Environment

Less emissions, less power and no disposable battery e-Waste from the thousands of exit signs across your facilities.

Safer People & Places

More reliable technology means less failures, less risk, safer people and safer places.

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An Environmental Movement

Lower carbon emissions and energy consumption, reduced landfill and eWaste and carbon credit opportunities.

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