Smarterlite’s eco-friendly safety solutions complement the dynamic world of sports and stadium environments. From stair treads to OHS and exit signs, Smarterlite’s reliable solutions provide emergency egress safety in low light and dark conditions during events and emergencies.

We are helping create a new era in sports and stadium safety by providing our eco-friendly solutions to improve safety in stadiums and within their upgraded training facilities, reducing facility compliance risks and operating costs.

Smarterlite’s lighting solutions for stadia and sports facilities not only provide always-reliable exit signs and reduce the risk of trips and falls on stairs during events day and night, they also prioritise sustainability and low emissions, making them ideal for venues of all sizes and types. Carlton Football Club Rooms, Allianz Stadium and Royal South Yarra Tennis Club are all achieving financial and emission savings. 

  • Ikon Park

    01. Change Rooms

    Change Rooms

  • Ikon Park

    02. Club Room Entrances

    Club Room Entrances

  • Ikon Park

    03. Function Spaces

    Function Spaces

  • 04. Playing Field Tunnels

    Playing Field Tunnels

Significant Lifetime Savings

When your old-tech mandatory exit signs need replacing, our tech provides lifetime CAPEX and OPEX savings with our 16+ or 30+ year service life.

Cheaper Compliance

Your compliance, operating & maintenance costs will be less.

Better for the Environment

Less emissions, less power and no disposable battery eWaste from the thousands of exit signs across your facilities.

Safer People & Places

More reliable technology means less failures, less risk, safer people and safer places.

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