Smarterlite’s innovative solutions merge efficiency and eco-consciousness, bringing safety and sustainability into commercial spaces.

Our sustainable safety solutions offer substantial benefits to diverse commercial settings, enhancing both efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Smarterlite’s Environmental Exit Signs have been chosen by prominent organisations like BGH Australia and the Crema Group to enhance the reliability and sustainability of their office spaces. In addition, architects and developers including Giancorp are increasingly choosing Smarterlite solutions, emphasising the versatile and positive impact of our technology in various commercial settings.

  • 01. Offices


  • 02. Open Plan Offices

    Open Plan Offices

  • 03. Lift Lobbies

    Lift Lobbies

  • 04. Office Corridors

    Office Corridors

Significant Lifetime Savings

When your old-tech mandatory exit signs need replacing, our tech provides lifetime CAPEX and OPEX savings with our 16+ or 30+ year service life.

Cheaper Compliance

Your compliance, operating & maintenance costs will be less.

Better for the Environment

Less emissions, less power and no disposable battery eWaste from the thousands of exit signs across your facilities.

Safer People & Places

More reliable technology means less failures, less risk, safer people and safer places.

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