Smarterlite’s safety solutions for educational institutions create safe, low-emission, eco-friendly environments conducive to learning and safety. They also reduce the need for external contractors to be on site, improving safety and security. You’ll find Smarterlite’s Environmental Exit Signs and related safety solutions in Early Learning Centres, Private Schools and Colleges, and Universities across Australia.

Smarterlite’s solutions have made a sizeable impact on the education sector, increasing safety, reliability, and sustainability across the board. Whether you have an Early Learning Centre, School building or University campus, you can make a difference to safety and sustainability.

Transitioning from old-style electric-battery signs to Smarterlite Hybrid Environmental Exit Signs is not just about eliminating failure-prone batteries; it’s about elevating reliability and energy efficiency. This shift guarantees enhanced safety, cost savings, and reduced eWaste across educational institutions, including Melbourne Business School that adopted the exit signs when they saw how the business case demonstrated their commercial viability.

  • Melbourne Business School Smarterlite Hyperion Exit Signs


  • Melbourne Business School Smarterlite Hyperion Exit Signs


  • Melbourne Business School Smarterlite Hyperion Exit Signs


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Significant Lifetime Savings

When your old-tech mandatory exit signs need replacing, our tech provides lifetime CAPEX and OPEX savings with our 16+ or 30+ year service life.

Cheaper Compliance

Your compliance, operating & maintenance costs will be less.

Better for the Environment

Less emissions, less power and no disposable battery eWaste from the thousands of exit signs across your facilities.

Safer People & Places

More reliable technology means less failures, less risk, safer people and safer places.

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