Reuse & Take Back Scheme for Smarterlite Environmental Exit Signs

Last updated: 1 February 2024

About this Policy

This Reuse & Take Back Scheme (the ‘Policy’, ‘Scheme’) applies to Environmental Exit Signs manufactured by Smarterlite Pty Ltd (‘Smarterlite’, ‘Our’, ‘Us’, ‘We’).

Smarterlite is dedicated to sustainability and circular economy principles.

Whenever possible, We refurbish and reuse components of Our Environmental Exit Signs to be integrated into refurbished or repaired Environmental Exit Signs or other products, minimising electronic waste and extending product lifecycles.

Additionally, our Environmental Exit Sign End-Of-Life Take Back Scheme includes a commitment to circularity first, followed by responsible disposal and recycling.

2. Process

This end-of-life Reuse & Take Back Scheme for Smarterlite’s Environmental Exit Signs operates as follows:

Customer Participation

We encourage Our valued customers to actively participate in Our Reuse & Take Back Scheme by returning end-of-life Smarterlite Environmental Exit Signs, at Your cost, to a nominated location that may be in Your State or Territory or another State or Territory.

Data Privacy

We handle all personal data collected during the Reuse & Take Back Scheme process in full compliance with Our Privacy Policy.

Responsible Disposal

Any components that cannot be reused are disposed of responsibly, adhering to all relevant environmental regulations.

Transparency and Reporting

We maintain records of component reuse, recycling, and disposal, which are available for review by relevant authorities.

Compliance with Laws

This commitment aligns with applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards related to electrical appliance recycling, circular economy principles, and data privacy.


Our circular reuse commitment remains in effect for the duration of Our Reuse & Take Back Scheme.

Cost to You

Our fee to Reuse and Take Back the fittings will consider the amount of fittings You have, their condition, age and potential for reuse, refurbishment and recycling. Depending on the number of fittings, We may also charge You for storage.

Our fee will consider:

  • – any products returned to Us that are not Our products
  • – if the Condition of the items prevents their reuse, refurbishment or recycling and they need to be disposed of
  • – if there are parts that cannot be refurbished or reused for any reason, including obsolete parts
  • – there is a charge for recycling any components eg via a third-party recycling service
  • – there is a charge for sending any parts to landfill.

3. Response Time

Before returning items to Us, please contact Us to discuss the items within Your Take-back request. We must authorise the Take Back in writing in advance of products being sent to us. We aim to process any requests to reuse or take back Smarterlite Environmental Exit Signs within seven (7) Business Days of having received the request. Additional delays may occur in holiday periods, during pandemics or other unusual circumstances.

4. Contact Us

If You wish to contact Us about this Policy, You may contact Us at: