Renewable Light for Safety.

Smarterlite is a global leader in environmental lighting and wayfinding solutions, offering photoluminescent, battery-free, and LED hybrid options for safety and emergencies. Our range includes exit signs, warning signs and higher visibility line marking and pavement marking for buildings, public spaces, paths and roads.

The advanced photoluminescent material that powers our products has been developed through more than 17 years of research. Designed in Australia to meet National Construction Code requirements, our products reduce your environmental impact, reduce lifetime costs, and importantly, don’t require additional capital and operational investments. We like to say it’s a win, win, win situation.

Part of the Polar Enviro group, including OmniGrip Direct, and Vivacity, we forge eco-friendly solutions helping businesses reduce emissions, enhance sustainability, divert waste from landfill and achieve their ESG goals.

Smarterlite is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia, Australian Council of Recycling, National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA), Photoluminescent Lighting Council of Australia and ICN Gateway.


The idea was born to create the world’s pre-eminent essential services and environmental & safety company

Real products for real impact, providing quantifiable profits to clients and communities.

Smarterlite replaces costly, short-lived, environmentally harmful emergency and safety lighting with battery-free reliable and renewable light for safety.

  • Believe

    We BELIEVE – that a better future is not only good for people and the planet, we can help this happen!

  • Collaborate

    We COLLABORATE – with leaders and early adopters who share our vision for a safer, better future.

  • Innovate

    We INNOVATE – always looking for solutions to meet specific needs of business, government and the community.

  • Persist

    We PERSIST – no matter the barriers, opposition and deception of vested interests including dirty, costly old-tech emergency lighting providers.


by big brands


  • Andrew Musumeci, Managing Director, LR Reed

    “Smarterlite’s technology doesn’t entail additional costs – the replacement of failed battery exit signs was already on our agenda. Moreover, with a projected service life of 15 to 20 years, our Owners Corporations are poised to receive exceptional value for their investment.”

  • Michael Williams, Energy and Engineering Evolution Manager, Telstra InfraCo

    “We are constantly investigating new technologies that align to our sustainability strategy, and the reduction in the waste generated by regularly replacing traditional exit signs was a key benefit that will help us achieve our resource efficiency goals.”

  • Bert Torresi, Chief Operating Officer, Giancorp Property Group

    Switching to Safety Path exit signs with their built-in LED light source has enabled us to convert existing buildings to Safety Path’s battery-free technology. This increases the reliability of our exit signs, improving safety and significantly reduces our operating costs. The professionalism of the Safety Path installation team made the conversion seamless.

  • King Ng, BGH Australia

    “Once we understood the exit sign sector, we knew Safety Path would be the future. We know a good investment when we see one – it was a no brainer.”

  • Don Smarelli, President of Assisi Aged Care

    “While the environmental and financial benefits were very clear, Safety Path exit signs last longer and are far more durable. The old battery backup exit signs kept failing, inconveniencing our residents and staff constantly.”

  • Lina Lee, General Manager, LR Reed

    “Since partnering with Smarterlite, we’ve successfully converted eight inner-city buildings to Smarterlite’s technology, resulting in immediate reductions in energy consumption, emissions, and eWaste. Additionally, the installation of Smarterlite’s evacuation plans and safety signs ensures that occupants can navigate the premises safely, even during power outages. The enhanced reliability of these signs translates to fewer failures, improved compliance, and reduced risk for everyone.”

  • Nicholas Lianos, CEO Grosvenor Engineering Group

    Safety Path manufactures and distributes the world’s safest, most efficient and smartest exit sign.

  • Carlo Bigaran, General Manager Victoria, VISY Pulp & Paper

    We found the Safety Path traffic management system product of excellent quality and great durability in our harsh, high traffic, truck and forklift environments. Appreciation also goes out for your supply of required photoluminescent safety signage that further enhances VISY’s already high safety standards.

Make an Environmental Choice

Lower carbon emissions and energy consumption, reduced landfill and eWaste and carbon credit opportunities.

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