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Smarterlite environmental products, powered by our innovative hybrid photoluminescent and LED technology, offer substantial lifetime savings and reduced operational costs. They increase your business’s sustainability while keeping your people safe. Find out how our environmental exit signs can help you reduce emissions and gain carbon credits.

Average 70 – 90% saving in exit sign power usage

Approximately 70kg carbon saved per exit sign, per annum

World-leading photoluminescent technology

Proudly Australian Owned

Smarterlite is replacing costly, short-lived, environmentally harmful emergency and safety lighting across the planet.

Smarterlite is a global leader in environmental lighting and wayfinding solutions, offering photoluminescent, battery-free, and LED hybrid options for safety and emergencies. Our range includes environmental exit signs, OHS signs, warning signs and higher visibility line and pavement marking for buildings, public spaces, paths and roads.

  • Environmental Exit Signs

    Our sustainable exit signs use advanced battery-free photoluminescent and LED technologies, reducing energy consumption and emissions.

  • Smarterlite Fire Extinguisher Sign

    OHS Signs

    Smarterlite’s Signs are versatile signs used to display workplace safety messages, including regulatory signs, hazard signs, emergency signs and fire signs in accordance with AS1319.

  • Emergency Egress

    Smarterlite’s stair treads are designed to improve safety on stairs. With slip-resistant surfaces and durable construction, they reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls leading to accidents and injuries on stairs.

  • Linemarking & Coatings

    Smarterlite provides pavement marking and line marking solutions for roadways, parking lots, and other traffic-related applications where electric lighting is poor or expensive or difficult to provide.

Significant Lifetime Savings

When your old-tech mandatory exit signs need replacing, our tech provides lifetime CAPEX and OPEX savings with our 16+ or 30+ year service life.

Cheaper Compliance

Your compliance, operating & maintenance costs will be up to 87% less.

Better for the Environment

Less emissions, less power and no battery e-Waste from the thousands of exit signs across your facilities.

Safer People & Places

More reliable technology means less failures, less risk, safer people and safer places.

Make an Environmental Choice

  • Long-lasting and fully recyclable

  • Battery-free, reducing eWaste

  • Low or no emissions, significantly reducing electricity and carbon usage

  • The world’s most environmental exit sign


Old-tech electric exit signs are unreliable. 

  • Replace your costly, short-lived, environmentally harmful exit signage with a smarter choice

  • Smarterlite’s environmental exit signs provide significant cost and emission reductions, and offer substantial lifetime savings

  • Old Tech Exit Signs

    • Fail every 3-4 years
    • High compliance costs
    • Regular replacement costs
    • Higher emissions
    • Un-necessary battery eWaste
    • Expensive subscription monitoring systems
    • Wiring needed to every exit sign
  • Smarterlite Environmental Exit Signs

    • Options for 16+ & 30+ Years Service Life
    • Low compliance costs
    • Reliable & long-life
    • Very low or no emissions
    • No battery eWaste
    • No monitoring systems required
    • No wiring to non-hybrid exit signs

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Spaces we improve —Smarterlite offers innovative and sustainable light solutions that prioritise efficiency, eco-friendliness, and tailored functionality for commercial/office, warehouse, health, education, retail, and stadium environments.

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Top Sellers

Hyperion Hybrid Exit Sign

Environmental Exit Signs

Hybrid LED Exit Sign with interchangeable pictorials. An integrated low-power LED edge light provides internal illumination to charge the Smarterlite Technology.

Apollo Exit Sign

Environmental Exit Signs

Heavy duty exit sign for industrial and commercial environments where a waterproof and dustproof sign is required. Fixed pictorial.

Emergency Eye Wash Station

OHS Signs

Smarterlite OHS signs ensure vital safety messages can be seen in the dark.

Smarterlite PL Stair Tread and Nosing

Stair Tread

Emergency Egress

Reduce slips, trips and falls with stair treads and nosing, utilising a Smarterlite technology strip to improve visual contrast and visibility in the dark.