Emergency Egress

Smarterlite technology plays a pivotal role in emergency egress, enhancing safety in emergencies, brownouts and blackouts.

Our stair treads, signs and line solutions are crucial for safety and emergency evacuation planning, offering adaptable solutions for workplaces.

When visibility is low, during emergencies, blackouts and brownouts, show people the way to safety.  Even when it’s dark the hazards remain, so ensure your people and customers will safety egress their workspace with photoluminescent stair treads, lines and signs.

  • 01. Slip Resistant Stairtreads

    Slip Resistant Stairtreads

  • 02. Evacuation Plans

    Evacuation Plans

  • Smarterlite Fire Extinguisher Sign

    03. Fire, Hazard & Warning Signs

    Fire, Hazard & Warning Signs

Safer People & Places

Reliable technology means less failures, less risk, safer people and safer places.

Enhanced Visibility Safety Messages

In Emergencies, Brownouts & Blackouts, your people will still be able to see critical safety messages.

Compliant with AS1319

Standard symbols and messages for compliance with AS1319 Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment.

No Disposable Batteries or Electrical Emissions

Visible in the dark without electrical connections or failure-prone disposable batteries that will become eWaste.

An Environmental Movement

Lower carbon emissions and energy consumption, reduced landfill and eWaste and carbon credit opportunities.

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