Case Study

LR Reed

Experienced Owners Corporation managers LR Reed are converting buildings office, shops and apartment buildings to Smarterlite's Environmental Exit signs, to improve safety, reduce emissions and eWaste and make their portfoilio more resistant to the impacts of climate change. LR Reed specialise in Strata Communities and inner-city buildings.

  • Saved

    $3.3 million over 30 years

  • Electricity

    usage down by 93%

  • 928

    fittings upgraded

  • 8

    inner-city buildings converted

In the realm of strata communities, where climate change and sustainability are paramount concerns, LR Reed encountered challenges in finding pragmatic solutions to effect meaningful change.


Collaborating closely with their clients, represented by Owners Corporations, LR Reed sought cost-effective methods to swiftly reducing emissions within their inner-city buildings.


Lina Lee, LR Reed’s General Manager, said, “Beyond costly options such as solar and HVAC system upgrades, identifying low-cost strategies for emissions reduction has proven challenging for our clients.”


Their search led them to Smarterlite and its suite of Environmental Exit Signs and building safety solutions. Lina highlighted the ongoing inconvenience and expense associated with replacing failed electric-battery exit signs, noting, “It’s an expensive process that places a burden on the Owners Corporation’s finances, and the environmental impact of discarded batteries and plastic is concerning to the Owners Corporations and ourselves.”

Ange LaMantia, Director of Sales & Commercial for Smarterlite, underscored LR Reed’s pursuit of technologies to bolster their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance. “LR Reed sought rapid, compliant, and cost-effective solutions to enhance sustainability and safety within their properties. With our NCC-compliant Hyperion Exit Signs ticking all those boxes and having a service life of over 16 years, we were well-positioned to assist them in achieving their goals.”


Lina Lee elaborated, “Since partnering with Smarterlite, we’ve successfully converted eight inner-city buildings to Smarterlite’s technology, resulting in immediate reductions in energy consumption, emissions, and eWaste. Additionally, the installation of Smarterlite’s evacuation plans and safety signs ensures that occupants can navigate the premises safely, even during power outages. The enhanced reliability of these signs translates to fewer failures, improved compliance, and reduced risk for everyone.”


Andrew Musumeci, LR Reed’s Managing Director, emphasized the organisation’s unwavering commitment to identifying compliant, reliable, and cost-effective technologies to mitigate environmental impact and reduce operational expenses across their property portfolio. “Smarterlite’s technology doesn’t entail additional costs – the replacement of failed battery exit signs was already on our agenda. Moreover, with a projected service life of 15 to 20 years, our Owners Corporations are poised to receive exceptional value for their investment.”


In essence, LR Reed adoption of Smarterlite’s innovative solutions not only addresses sustainability objectives but also elevates the safety standards within their properties, reinforcing LR Reed’s dedication to responsible and efficient property management.


In the 8 properties featured, upgrading to Smarterlite’s Environmental Exit Signs will deliver LR Reed and their Owners Corporations savings of more than $3.3 million, a 93% reduction in electricity usage from their exit signs, 13,000 kilograms less plastic and eWaste, and a reduction in carbon of more than 2,000,000 kilograms over the 30-year evaluation period!


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  • Andrew Musumeci - Managing Director of LR Reed

    ‘We work with many Owners Corporations that want to reduce their environmental footprint and costs of their Strata Community. 


    By adopting Smarterlite’s environmental exit signs, we deliver on their expectations and legal obligations, with lower emissions, lower lifetime costs, greater reliability and improved safety.


    With more reliable signs, it is easier to maintain compliance and reduce risk in the buildings we manage.’


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