How to find the right size of LED Exit Sign 

When you’re ready to replace an old-tech battery exit sign, finding the correct size is crucial.

Selecting the right size for a replacement exit sign is based on its maximum viewing distance. For instance, a 24M sign is visible up to 24 metres, so when ordering a replacement, it’s important to match the size of the existing sign or any subsequent fire engineers report.

The size is typically on the front of the sign or on the case, with the exact location varying between manufacturers. Typically, it will be 16m, 24m, 32m or 40m, with each size being larger for a longer viewing distance.

The only time you may want to change the size or placement is if your building’s layout has changed, or the wrong size was installed and is being replaced. In these uncommon cases, professional advice should be sought.

Installation of the sign by a licensed electrician is always recommended, and updating Essential Service Records might be a legal requirement in your State or Territory. 

Smarterlite can assist you with finding suitably qualified professionals that will help you.

But what else should you consider?

When replacing an Exit Sign what else should be considered?

Replacing a failed electric-battery exit sign with the cheapest similar model, could lock you into years of higher running costs and costly replacements. The signs may be cheap, but the cost of replacing them isn’t. Electric-battery exit signs consume more power and generate more emissions, plastic waste and eWaste. Very few exit signs are recycled – less than 10% according to industry recycling body, ExitCycle.

With a service life ranging from 16+ years to 30+ years, depending on the model, Smarterlite’s battery-free alternative ensures longevity and optimal safety as well as significant operational cost savings. Our Hyperion Hybrid Exit Signs use efficient low-wattage LED lighting when powered, and in case of outages, our innovative photoluminescent technology ensures continued visibility for safe evacuation.


How much are your existing Exit Signs costing?

To calculate costs from your existing Exit Sign fleet, use our online financial calculator. Enter the number and average wattage of your exit signs and see an estimate of your current costs.

On top of the financial and sustainability benefits, all of our Smarterlite Environmental Exit Signs come with a robust warranty, so you can be sure that your building is efficient, compliant and most importantly safe.

Need more information?

For technical support or inquiries about how to install Smarterlite exit signs and the mounting options that are available, please Contact Us. Smarterlite Environmental Exit Signs, including hybrid exit signs with integrated light sources, comply with the National Construction Code of Australia and applicable Australian Standards such as AS3000, the ‘Wiring Rules’. Make the switch and order your Environmental Exit Signs online now. 

Smarterlite is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia, National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) and Photoluminescent Lighting Council of Australia.

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