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Smarterlite is replacing costly, short-lived, environmentally harmful emergency and safety lighting across the planet.

Smarterlite’s Environmental Exit Signs provide significant operational cost reductions, and substantial financial lifetime savings and emissions reductions. Find out what your business could save using our easy-to-use exit sign calculator.

Popular Products

Hyperion © Hybrid Exit Sign

Photoluminescent Exit Sign

Hybrid LED Exit Sign with interchangeable pictorials. An integrated low-power LED edge light provides internal illumination to charge the Smarterlite Technology.

Apollo Exit Sign

Photoluminescent Exit Sign

You won’t need to pay more. Smarterlite exit signs are similar in cost to many old-tech electric battery exit signs.

Eos © Enviro Exit Sign

Photoluminescent Exit Sign

Exit Sign with interchangeable pictorials, powered by Smarterlite Technology when the power fails.

Apollo © Heavy Duty Jumbo Exit Sign

Photoluminescent Exit Sign

Heavy duty exit sign for stadiums, venues, DC’s and industrial environments where large waterproof and dustproof signs are required.

An Environmental Movement.

Lower carbon emissions and energy consumption, reduced landfill and eWaste and carbon credit opportunities.

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