Need replacement exit sign batteries?

Every manufacturer uses different batteries in their exit signs – and a sparkie would rather replace the whole sign than find a match.

Save yourself the hassle and cut down on compliance costs by making the switch to Smarterlite’s Environmental Exit Signs so that you’ll never need to search for replacement exit sign batteries again.

Often, batteries and their circuits are the weak link in old-tech exit signs. They’re often excluded from warranty coverage and result in failures when they’re needed most in an emergency.

Smarterlite offers a National Construction Code (NCC) compliant alternative that doesn’t require any batteries. 

Aside from being more eco-friendly, Smarterlite’s Environmental Exit Sign’s battery-free design offers enhanced reliability, less eWaste, less plastic waste and most importantly, reduced lifetime costs.

Smarterlite offers both photoluminescent and hybrid Environmental Exit Signs, eliminating the need for batteries.

When installed in accordance with the NCC, standard photoluminescent exit signs require 100 lux of the light on the face of the sign from an external light source.

Hybrid exit signs, on the other hand, are co-mounted with an integrated light source that provides 100 lux on the face of the sign.  They can be used to replace old-tech electric-battery AS2293 exit signs.

When your electrician comes to fix your exit sign, ask them to use a Smarterlite environmental exit sign instead.

Smarterlite’s Standard Environmental Exit Sign
Smarterlite’s Hybrid Environmental Exit Sign

Both types of Smarterlite Environmental Exit Signs remain visible in darkness, through smoke and power-outages. If the area remains well-lit during an emergency, the signs won’t (and don’t need to) emit their stored light. Smarterlite’s Environmental Exit Signs only emit their stored light when the space they are in darkens, so that they can be seen for more than the 90 minutes required by the National Construction Code.

Comparison of Exit Sign technologies

FeaturesOld-Tech Electric-Battery Exit SignsSmarterlite Photoluminescent Exit SignsSmarterlite Hybrid Exit Signs
Power SourceMains power & battery power.No mains power required. No batteries required.Mains power required. No batteries required.
Energy Efficiency & EmissionsHigher power use, particularly older fittings, and higher emissions.No direct power consumption or emissions from power use.Use mains power, but very low wattage for LED’s to charge photoluminescence. Many times more efficient than AS2293 electric-battery exit signs. Low emissions from very low power use.
Power Outage ReliabilityFail during power outages if batteries or circuits faulty.Remain functional during power failures – nothing to fail.Remain functional during power failures – nothing to fail.
Cost-EffectivenessMore expensive for power use, compliance requirements, frequent replacements, plastic & eWaste disposal.30+ year service life, no power, easier compliance, no replacements, no eWaste.16+ year service life, very energy efficient, easier compliance, less replacements, less eWaste, no batteries.
Ease of InstallationPower to site of sign, installed by licensed electrician. Licensed electrician replaces sign every time battery or circuits fail.No power, fittings designed to cover holes left from removal of electric-battery exit signs. If replacing existing powered sign, licensed electrician must be used.
Power to site of sign, installed by licensed electrician. Repair or replace by licensed electrician after 16+ years (Service Life).
LongevityTypically 3-5 years. Monitored system may have annual license fee. Very cheap signs may have shorter life / higher failure rate.30+ year service life16+ year service life
Maintenance90min battery test and inspection conducted in accordance with Australian Standard AS2293, and ensure clean, unobstructed and illuminated per manufacturer’s instructions.5min process. Ensure clean, unobstructed, undamaged and sufficient illumination, per Smarterlite’s instructions.5min process. Ensure clean, unobstructed, undamaged and LED operating, per Smarterlite’s instructions.
E-Waste ReductionGenerate more e-waste due to complex circuitry and batteries, frequent failures. Industry norm is to replace whole unit even if only battery fails. Industry scheme recycles about 7% of signs (source: ExitCycle).No eWaste.Minimal eWaste, Service Life 16+ years, designed to be repaired. Take-back scheme in place to maximise opportunity for repair and refurbishment.

Switching to Smarterlite’s NCC compliant technology offers reliability, cost savings, and contributes to reducing emissions and sustainability. This includes not using batteries, an average 70 – 90% reduction in exit sign power usage and about 70kg of carbon saved per exit sign annually. Smarterlite’s Environmental Exit Signs comply with the National Construction Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards, keeping you and your business safe all year round. 

You’ll never need to search for a replacement battery for your exit sign again.

Make the switch and order your Environmental Exit Signs online now. 

For technical support or inquiries, please Contact Us. Upgrade to Smarterlite’s Environmental Exit Signs and embrace a more reliable energy-saving & reduced eWaste solution. 

Smarterlite is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia, National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) and Photoluminescent Lighting Council of Australia.

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