Is an exit sign monitoring system a costly band-aid?

As the number of their AS2293 compliant electric-battery exit signs increase and dealing with failures becomes a greater burden and cost, building managers and owners are often talked into buying into an expensive emergency light monitoring system. These systems require:

  • Upgrading Signs: Converting all existing exit signs to network-compatible versions from the manufacturer of the monitoring system
  • Network Infrastructure: Installing a new network – either Wi-Fi or wired – to connect the signs, as well as a dedicated computer, surge protection and backup system, as recommended by AS2293.2
  • Software Licensing: Licensing and installing monitoring software from a third-party vendor creates additional ongoing costs, charged monthly or annually
  • Increased number of 6-monthly checks: AS2293.2 recommends tests on the computer, communication networks and backup components such as cables, routers and repeaters, before the 6-monthly tests of exit signs using the monitoring system occurs. This is because monitoring systems can produce false-positives – telling the operator all is working when in fact components have failed.
  • Increased energy use and emissions: Using monitoring systems unnecessarily increases your energy use and emissions.

The main beneficiary of any emergency light monitoring system is its manufacturer, who is:

  • Charging the owner or building manager more for the signs
  • Charging for supporting infrastructure such as networking infrastructure costs
  • Charging an ongoing subscription to access the systems features
  • Locking out price competition and locking the building into only purchasing replacement electric-battery exit signs from the manufacturer of the monitoring system
  • Ensuring you buy your replacement electric-battery exit signs faster, from the manufacturer of course to ensure it is compatible with their monitoring system.

Rather than designing and manufacturing more reliable technology, they’re selling you a reporting and ordering system for failed exit signs and emergency lights.

Smarterlite: The Sustainable and Cost-Effective Solution

Smarterlite’s Environmental Exit Signs completely eliminate the need for these costly monitoring systems. Here’s how:

  • Battery-Free Design: SmarterLite technology eliminates the failure-prone electric batteries present in traditional exit signs
  • Environmentally Friendly: Many Smarterlite models require no electricity at all, minimising environmental impact, and none require batteries for disposal
  • Reduced Emissions: No batteries and minimal electricity usage significantly reduce your building’s carbon footprint, and helping you meet your Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions targets
  • Long-lasting Reliability: With no batteries or electricity to fail, Smarterlite signs offer unmatched reliability
  • NCC Compliant: Smarterlite’s technology has been in Australia’s National Construction Code for more than 10 years
  • Approved in State Energy Reduction Schemes: Smarterlite’s Hyperion model has been approved in the Victorian Energy Upgrade Program and NSW Energy Saving Scheme.

Smarterlite Options for Every Need:

Smarterlite’s Environmental Exit Signs include unpowered and powered versions, all battery-free. The powered version is extremely energy efficient. These signs are perfect for areas with limited light or energy-saving lighting systems, or where you simply want an internally illuminated sign. Smarterlite’s Hybrid Environmental Exit Sign models utilise a low-powered, high-efficiency LED, ensuring reliable illumination while minimising electricity consumption.

Upgrade Your Building Today!

Don’t settle for the hidden costs, unreliability and safety risks associated with traditional electric-battery exit signs by subscribing to a band-aid solution like an expensive monitoring system. Instead, instruct your electrician to install Smarterlite Environmental Exit Signs whenever a traditional unit fails. With major corporations across Australia already embracing this innovative technology, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t too.

The Smarterlite Advantage:

Smarterlite exit signs are a commercially viable solution. Simply replace your existing electric-battery units with Smarterlite models over time, eliminating the need for a costly monitoring system within 3-5 years.

Contact Smarterlite today to discuss how our sustainable exit signs will enhance your building’s safety and reduce your overall costs..

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