Installing Smarterlite Exit Signs

Example Smarterlite Environmental Exit Sign mounting system

Smarterlite Environmental Exit Signs are easily installed with our supplied mountings.

We have a comprehensive range of mounting options, designed to reduce time and costs for electrical contractors during the installation process, and reduce the risk and costs for the electrical contractor and building owner. The mounts are designed to easily cover the holes and unpainted areas left when some of the most common old-tech AS2293 exit signs are removed from a wall or ceiling.

Mounting options include:

  • Suspended
  • Ceiling Mounted (surface/solid)
  • Ceiling Mounted (recessed/cavity)
  • Wall Mounted (solid wall)
  • Wall Mounted (cavity)
  • Pole Mounted

A simple, expertly designed mounting system streamlines installation, offering electrical contractors on-site flexibility, higher productivity and compatibility across common mounting scenarios using the one mount. 

Our supplied mounts are specifically designed to aid electricians transitioning from old-tech electric-battery exit signs to contemporary Smarterlite Environmental Exit Signs, employing familiar and standard mounting techniques in the electrical trade.  Their design included input from an experienced electrical contractors and testing on site during large projects.

Please be aware that surface fixing screws, poles, and chains are not included. When making a purchase through our online store, ensure you specify your required mounts. This ensures a seamless installation of Environmental Exit Signs in your upcoming project. 

Example Smarterlite Environmental Exit Sign mounting system
Mounting System for Smarterlite Environmental Exit Signs

For technical support or inquiries about how to install Smarterlite exit signs and the mounting options that are available, please Contact Us. Smarterlite Environmental Exit Signs, including hybrid exit signs with integrated light sources, comply with the National Construction Code of Australia and applicable Australian Standards such as AS3000, the ‘Wiring Rules’. Make the switch and order your Environmental Exit Signs online now. 

Smarterlite is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia, National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) and Photoluminescent Lighting Council of Australia.

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