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Photoluminescent Signs including Fire Extinguisher Signs

Photoluminescent safety, warning and hazard signs

Safety Path Photoluminescent Signs incorporate safety, warning and hazard symbols and messages on a photoluminescent backing. Improve workplace safety by enabling vital safety messages to be seen in very low-light and dark conditions when the electricity has failed or there is an emergency situation.

See how the Safety Path Photoluminescent Fire Extinguisher Sign compares to a conventional sign

Photoluminescent signs enable important warning, safety and hazard symbols and messages to be seen, even in low-light and blackout situations.
They help provide a safe workplace by ensuring that employee safety messages can be seen after the lights have failed.


Photoluminescent signs work by storing daylight and room light during the regular working hours of your business. That stored light is emitted by the photoluminescent material during dark periods and night-time, when surrounding light levels fall.  No electricity is required to power the sign itself because it absorbs light from other sources until light levels fall or an unexpected blackout occurs.


No emissions

No electricity and no batteries

Safety messages can be seen in low-light and blackout conditions

Ensure vital safety equipment can be found in the dark


Any standard warning, hazard, safety or fire message can be printed on the Safety Path Photoluminescent Signs.  Custom Photoluminescent Signs can be made with messages unique to your workplace.

For fire exit signs made from our world-leading photoluminescent technology, check out our Safety Path Photoluminescent Exit Sign.

Minimum order quantities (MOQ) apply for all orders.

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