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Photoluminescent Light Box

Light Box that enables vital safety symbols and information to be read in the dark

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Using photoluminescent light, the Safety Path Light Box enables evacuation plans, safety, warning and hazard symbols and messages to be read in emergency situations when the power has failed or battery backups run out. The Safety Path Light Box does not use electricity or batteries and is carbon emission free. The frame of the Light Box snaps open enabling you to quickly and cheaply update the message as required.

The Safety Path Photoluminescent Light Box is a display frame that incorporates a photoluminescent wafer.
This enables emergency evacuation plans and other vital information to be read when the lights are off.

The Light Box does not require an electrical connection or power source such as a battery, only an existing light source such as daylight or room lighting to recharge the photoluminescent sheet. It can be used to display essential information like emergency evacuation plans, or the location of hazards, safety instructions and wayfinding information. When the lights go off or visibility is poor, the Light Box ensures that the content can still be seen or read.


Emergency evacuation plans and safety messages can be seen in darkness

No electricity required

No battery required

No emissions

Safety messages and symbols can be seen in blackout conditions

Photoluminescence recharged from existing room light or daylight

Spring-loaded frame snaps open so you can change your signs & messages

Available in sizes to hold A3 or A4 sheets

Safety Path Product Brochure – Photoluminescent Lightbox


There are many potential applications of the Safety Light Box:

  • Emergency Evacuation Plans showing people how to exit office buildings, apartments, industrial sites, commercial premises
  • Plans showing people where to find vital safety equipment in an emergency
  • Site plans helping people find their way through complex sites
  • Hazard warning signs and symbols that need to be read, even when the lights fail
  • Safety and Information messages in temporary depots, construction sites and event facilities.


The Safety Path Photoluminescent Light Box is available in two sizes to accommodate either A4 or A3 sheets.  Emergency plans, safety information and safety symbols can be printed and displayed within the light box.

  • A3 – for A3 sized paper. The frame is 322mm x 445mm and can be mounted portrait or landscape.
  • A4 – for A4 sized paper. The frame is 235mm x 322mm and can be mounted portrait or landscape.

Minimum order quantities (MOQ) apply for all orders.

How to Use

The spring-loaded frame can be snapped open, enabling the content to be changed at anytime. This enables you to update the content of the Safety Path Light Box without any special tools or skills.

Symbols, plans and messages are printed on transparency film using a compatible office printer. Transparency film is available from major office-supply stores.

Related Safety Solutions

The Safety Path Photoluminescent Light Box can be used in conjunction with other blackout photoluminescent safety products that will light the way in emergency situations. They include:

  • Safety Path Exit Signs
  • Safety Path Photoluminescent Warning Signs
  • Safety Path Photoluminescent Paint along evacuation route
  • Photoluminescent Stair Treads and Hand Rails.

Further information is available here or Contact Us.

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