Glen Eira City Council’s Activity Centre, Housing and Local Economy Strategy has an objective to bring out the unique identity of Glen Eira’s neighbourhoods. The Strategy notes that the individuality of the neighbourhoods relates to the buildings, public spaces, people and culture. Council’s placemaking objectives are to give each neighbourhood centre a unique identity, create open spaces that meet local needs, and make neighbourhoods more walk-friendly.

One neighbourhood, Bentleigh, is built around a shopping strip and railway station along Centre Road. In 2016 the Centre Road level crossing was removed when the Frankston Line was lowered beneath the road by the Level Crossing Removal Project. As part of this, Bentleigh Station and an adjacent laneway were rebuilt. The lane runs beside the station, connecting an off-street car park to the Centre Road shopping strip.

In 2019, Glen Eira City Council’s Placemaking team revisited the laneway and commissioned OmniGrip Direct to use OmniGrip CST to brighten the laneway with a surface that had durable colour and slip resistance. Various designs were considered but a particular challenge was the drains and service pit covers along the lane.

New multi-coloured surface for a laneway placemaking project beside Bentleigh Railway Station
New multi-coloured OmniGrip CST surface for a laneway placemaking project beside Bentleigh Railway Station

The chosen design, developed in-house by OmniGrip Direct, turns the service pits into features. Differing shades of yellow OmniGrip CST were used to create a 3-D effect. They fit well with Council’s other local artworks, commissioned as part of Brightening Bentleigh.

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