LED footpath lights have been installed at a community traffic school in Dunedin, New Zealand, demonstrating the traffic light safety technology to children, their parents and carers. The new lights are Vivacity LED Safety Tactiles that change colour with the traffic lights.

Vivacity LED Safety Tactiles are LED footpath lights that improve safety for pedestrians at traffic lights
Vivacity LED Safety Tactiles, Dunedin, New Zealand (Source: RTL New Zealand)

The installation of the LED footpath lights in Dunedin by our New Zealand distributor, RTL, and Downer New Zealand is at the community children’s traffic safety track in Marlow Park on Dunedin’s foreshore.

The design of the Vivacity LED Safety Tactile are a LED footpath light that fundamentally rethinks how visual information is provided to pedestrians at traffic signals and pedestrian crossings for roads, tramlines and train tracks. The LED Safety Tactiles are a Tactile Ground Surface Indictor (TGSI) that incorporates LED lights that can be connected to traffic lights or flash yellow at an unsignalised crossing to warn pedestrians of a hazard.

Conventional traffic signals place the visual warning after the hazard – a red or green “man” located across the road as far from the pedestrian as it could be. The Vivacity LED Safety Tactile brings the visual safety warning to where the pedestrian is walking or standing on the same side of the road.

Chief Executive Gary Commane said, ‘This installation shows thousands of parents, carers and children in New Zealand how the design of traffic lights could be better for pedestrians. There’s already strong community support from their installation in Melbourne’s central business district, outside Melbourne Town Hall.”

Vivacity LED Safety Tactiles transform safety for pedestrians, and can be easily retrofitted to existing traffic lights. With the installation of their Australian-designed and manufactured control system, their daylight and night-time brightness can be adjusted to meet the needs of each site.

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