OmniGrip Direct will now advise Councils, asset managers and developers whether their contractors have purchased genuine OmniGrip Direct materials to use on their projects.

When a Council, asset manager or developer’s architect or designer specifies one of OmniGrip Direct‘s products on its project, it’s because they’ve determined that OmniGrip Direct’s surfacings will meet their needs. It might be OmniGrip Direct’s higher quality finish, long-life performance, reduced life-cycle costs, proportion of recycled-content or Australian-content, or a combination of them all.

A contractor that fails to use the specified product, without client approval, is not conforming with their contract. When caught by the client, corrective action can mean having to remove the non-conforming product and replace it with the specified OmniGrip product – at the contractor’s cost.

Substituting a non-recycled product also means that the State’s Recycled First policy for infrastructure projects won’t be fulfilled.

Road managers are increasingly specifiying which surfacing they require, rather than generic “green bike lane surface” or “compliant surface” statements on plans and in specifications. They need to follow-through and ensure genuine OmniGrip surfaces are actually used.

Recently, there’s been instances of contractors substituting painted-based surfaces, like that at the top of this post, for OmniGrip Direct’s products during construction, without their client’s approval. Two alert Councils quickly detected the substitution.

To assist Councils and asset managers, OmniGrip Direct will now verify to Councils and asset managers that genuine materials were supplied to a Contractor, or whether OmniGrip Direct has been sub-contracted to apply the surface for the contractor.

Every Council and road authority is being notified of this service.

A ‘phone call to 1300 961 678 is all that is required to verify whether you will be getting genuine OmniGrip Direct on your project.

You want the best. You deserve the best. Make sure you get the best.

OmniGrip Direct is Australia’s leading provider of resin-bound Australian recycled-glass surfaces for safety on roads, paths and in buildings. Find out how to specify OmniGrip Direct surfacing on your projects by watching this webinar recording.