There’s something missing from the toolbox of road managers and road safety practitioners in Australia. A quick and easily applied solution that will keep all types of vehicles on the road, reducing crashes, injuries and deaths in high risk and Black Spot locations. It’s widely used overseas, but hasn’t caught on in many parts of Australia. But its time that it does.

The tool is the High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST). It’s a thin surfacing applied at high-risk locations that increases friction, reducing skidding and sliding, and enabling drivers and motorcycle riders to stop faster or retain control. It is particularly effective on wet roads.

It is used extensively in the UK and the USA, where there are many case studies about its successful application at crash locations such as bends on rural roads, freeway ramps and intersections.

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Guide to High Friction Surface Treatment

Recognising the gap in information, OmniGrip Direct has produced a free HFST guide to reduce crashes, injuries and deaths in Black Spots and other high-risk locations. Using the guide will help you:

  • understand how HFST works
  • determine where HFST is beneficial
  • assess potential locations for HFST
  • determine where to start and stop the application of HFST
  • determine its expected service life
  • estimate crash reductions
  • find relevant case studies
  • prepare information to obtain a quote
  • locate references for further research.

The HFST guide combines information from credible Australian and international sources, enabling practitioners and managers to rapidly assess and scope their projects.

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Please note that the information in the Guide is general information and not engineering advice specific to your project. Please obtain professional engineering advice as required by regulations in your State or Territory. OmniGrip Direct can provide the names of suitable road safety engineers in some States.