The exit sign is mandated in buildings across Australia. Specified in the National Construction Code of Australia and required by State Legislation their purpose is to guide people to an exit when a buildings power has failed such as in an emergency.

Exit signs are on 24/7, consuming electricity and generating emissions. They’re required to remain illuminated for 90 minutes after a power failure. Electric exit signs do this with a battery or independent backup power supply.

With electrical components and batteries that fail, most last 3 to 5 years and need constant maintenance and 6-monthly testing.

How many electric exit signs are there?

You may think so what, there’s not many of them. But there are. There’s at least two to four on each floor of a building but sometimes many, many, more. They’re on every floor of nearly every building, in every building in the city, across the State, across Australia.

Safety Path estimates that there’s hundreds of millions in Australia, in offices, apartment buildings, factories, industrial plants, warehouses, shops, hospitals, schools, and in Parliament and Town Halls.

Each exit sign generates 79 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalents and consuming 88 kilowatts of electricity per annum. That’s tonnes of eWaste and hundreds of millions of batteries disposed of every 3 to 5 years.

What is the alternative?

Discover the hidden costs of electric exit signs – and what you can do about it

Is there an alternative exit sign that doesn’t require electricity, doesn’t generate emissions, and lasts five to six times longer?

An exit sign that is fully recycleable, cheaper to maintain, and meets the performance requirements of the National Construction Code of Australia?

There is. The Safety Path exit sign. An environmental exit sign.

The Safety Path environmental exit sign replaces the electric-battery with a photoluminescent wafer that stores light, not electricity. It uses Australian research and development. The signs are made in Australia, for Australian regulations.

The Safety Path exit sign emits light when it’s needed. Without batteries. Without emissions. No eWaste.

Safety Path exit signs are being installed across the nation. When will you make the change? 

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